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Bitcoin Pharmacies

If you are tired of purchasing prescriptions from local pharmacies at a higher price, then it is time you consider Bitcoin Online Pharmacies. If you didn’t know, these pharmacies not only accept Bitcoins as a mode of payment but also sell prescription cheaply compared to local outlets. Please read our Q&A about Bitcoin Pharmacies and feel free to ask us anything about it.

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What you should know about Bitcoin pharmacies?

Bitcoin Online Pharmacies, just like local pharmacies, have quite a good selection of prescription medications. You will find some of these sites easy to follow and use. If you are new to purchasing prescription medicines online, they will guide you throughout the entire buying process. You can lear more about bitcoin pharmacy at bitcoin pharmacy forum.
The time your ordered medicines take to arrive at your door step varies depending on the site you select and where you are ordering from. Typically, if you are ordering within the United States, it can take two to three weeks to receive your medicine. They are different from so-called darknet pharmacies that operates only in .onion web, and sell a lot of illegal drugs.

Modes of payments on these Bitcoin Online Pharmacies

Mostly, Bitcoin Online Pharmacies accept Bitcoins as a mode of payment for goods ordered. They also accept other popular crypto currencies such as Dogecoin and Litecoin. When paying with Bitcoins, always keep in mind that you will not be required to provide your credit card number. You just purchase your medicine without revealing your full identity. However, you should take extra measures to protect your privacy.

Prescriptions Medicine Available at Bitcoin Online Pharmacies

The list of prescription medicines that you can purchase from Bitcoin Online Pharmacies is endless. You can purchase medications for men’s & women’s health, antibiotics, skin care, pain relief, mental health, sleep & wakefulness, weight loss and other prescription medicines.

Does Bitcoin Online Pharmacies Require Prescription?

Most Bitcoin Online Pharmacies assumes that if you are ordering medicines from their sites it is because your doctor has advised you to do it. They assume that you are responsible for your own health and you are under your doctor’s advice to purchase a prescription medication. However, they don’t require you to produce a copy of your doctor’s prescription to obtain your medicine. Others assume that you had obtained a prescription from your doctor at one point, and you want to use it again to obtain the same prescription medicines online.

What do you need if you are a first time buyer?

If you are buying your prescriptive medicine from Bitcoin Online Pharmacies for the first time, all you need is a way to pay using Bitcoins. In a nutshell, you will need to have a Bitcoin Wallet to submit your payment. Alternatively, if you don’t have a Bitcoin Wallet, there are several services available that allows you to make a one-time Bitcoin transaction.

Minimum age for ordering from Bitcoin Online Pharmacies

Practice standards and online pharmacy laws requires Bitcoin Online Pharmacies to follow the set rules and regulations to the latter. One of such regulations is selling medications to patients who are above 18 years old.

Is Your Privacy Assured when you transact with Bitcoin online pharmacies?

When you transact with the most trusted Bitcoin Online Pharmacies, you are assured the safety of your information. All the information you provide including your names and physical address is confidential and cannot be given out to third parties. Most of the information these sites asks is used solely for the identification purpose and delivery of goods ordered. If you are required to input your phone number, it is for contacting you if need arises. Watch out for illegitimate sites because they will use your information to send promotional or spam messages.


Where are the your ordered medications shipped from?

This is the common question that many people ask. The medications sold by some of these companies are produced by well-known internationally recognized manufacturers. These companies only act as wholesalers, and therefore ship these medicines using licensed partners across the world.

Precautions you should take when buying from Bitcoin Online Pharmacies

You should look for evidence that any Bitcoin Online Pharmacy you choose is following practice standards and online pharmacy laws. This is one of the sure ways to determine if the site is offering genuine medications. If you find out that the pharmacy is legitimate, there are still other precautions you should take.
Secondly, make you know exactly what price they are asking for your ordered medicine, including the currency conversation rates and the shipping costs. You should also ask if they offer a refund if the order is not delivered or damaged, and in what currency mode.

Can you track your ordered medication?

Most Bitcoin Online Pharmacies allow buyers to track their ordered medicines depending on the shipping carrier they choose. They offer a tracking number which buyers can include in their email when tracking the progress of their orders. Some Bitcoin Online Pharmacies, without tracking services, keep buyers updated through email.

Cons and Pros of Bitcoin Pharmacies

• You don’t need to provide your doctor’s prescription to order your medication.
• It is simple and easy method of making payment. You only need a digital wallet to manage your transactions
• You don’t need to share your personal information such as real name and credit card number. This will protect you from running into an online scam or fraud.
• It is safe to use. Transactions are secured by military grade cryptography. It is only you who can complete transaction so long as you have secured your Bitcoin wallet.
• Convenient to use. You can virtually pay from anywhere in the world so long as you have a Bitcoin wallet
• Currently there are very low fees or no fees at all when you transact with Bitcoin

• You don’t receive your products immediately. Just like other online pharmacies, your ordered products will take days or weeks to get delivered
• Unlike PayPal payments, you cannot reverse Bitcoin payments for any transaction. If you need a refund, you can only get it from the Bitcoin Online Pharmacy you had transacted with.
• Within the first 10 minutes of the transaction process, unconfirmed payments are not secure and cannot be reversed.

Our final verdict about Bitcoin online pharmacies

Bitcoin Online Pharmacies are the best option that allows you to buy prescriptive or non prescriptive medications using Bitcoins. This article should therefore not use in place of a doctor’s advice. Regardless of which medication you want to order, you should take medication following your doctor’s advice.

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