review: legit or scam?

Medications are a very expensive necessity. Finding a loophole to buy your meds at minimum price without leaving home or office becomes a priority. Many online resources try to cater the public demand, with varying degrees of efficiency. One of them is Freerxhotline dot com, and in this review we’ll try to summarize all pros and cons of using this online resource based on what we’ve found. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it deserves your trust.
So what is Free RX Hotline? General review
While some define as an online pharmacy, it is not a regular online drugstore. It’s a web resource that allegedly helps you get prescription medications at your local pharmacies for free, providing you with a prescription discount card upon subscription.
Sounds not so bad, but doubts start arising once you go to their web page. It’s absolutely safe in terms of viruses and web threats. The problem is, there is nothing but the subscription form to fill out and a fine text notification they call a “Subscription policy” in the page footer. This information states that by subscribing, you agree that a whole lot of people will contact you using your contact details. That’s it. There is no About Us page, no Contact Us form, and no information on how this works. They suggest you can learn all you need using their hotline phone number, which they do provide.

User reviews
Positive to negative reviews ratio is zero to many (I will not mention those displayed in Free RX Hotline commercials; you can’t really trust actors who are paid to do that). According to user feedback you can find online, is nothing more than a scam resource. Supposedly, it tries to fish for your contact and medical insurance details to sell them to various companies that will shower you with their spam letters to make you buy their products and services. The offer of free prescription drugs and special member discounts for such meds in your area seems to be nonexistent here. What’s more, it looks like charges its subscribed members for their intermediary services.
But although general response doesn’t look appealing, I couldn’t find a lot of feedback. This may be due to the fact that Free rx online is not very popular.

This review is not based on personal experience with Free RX Hotline but only on information found online, which is why I can’t, with full confidence, say how legit or fishy it is. However, the information found allows to suggest that what Freerxhotline dot com offers seems doubtful at the very least. This kind of conclusion can be made based on user reviews and unfortunate lack of information displayed by the resource. Is it transparent enough? No, it doesn’t seem so. Here’s some extra info for you: Freerxhotline. com is not listed as one of online pharmacies and their website is registered using free email service. You can make your own decision based on this, but remember: anyone who says you can get something free of charge for no particular reason is probably lying. review: legit or scam?
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