Inhousepharmacy.vu Review – the Vendor Selling Remedies without Recipes

Today I am going to dwell upon Inhousepharmacy.vu – the pharmaceutical seller which has been around for almost twenty years. This firm is experienced in supplying goods to the majority of the countries of the world. The only country the trader is not capable to deliver medications to is Great Britain, and this inconvenience is connected with its pharmacological laws. Apparently, they do not allow the import of such remedies to the country.


I was happy to discover that the assortment of medical goods the vendor offers is broad, and people can buy medicines to solve their joint and breathing problems, to reduce the level of sugar in their blood, to improve the immune system, etc. Some of the well-known pharmaceutical labels, for example, Kamagra and Allegra, are sold for affordable prices. It is important to take into account that this seller does not insist on the patients’ providing the recipes from the physicians. I do not think that it is a responsible kind of attitude, but plenty of clients are satisfied with this fact because they do not need to bother and go to the physician’s office.

Visiting this enterprise’s site gave me the impression that the cures sold by the firm were original and qualitative ones. The fact that qualified pharmacists worked for this company and completed the patients’ orders made me trust the site even more. The dealer sends out the goods every day and delivers them everywhere for free, assuring that each consumer will receive the package ordered.

The clients of this store will never feel neglected because they can turn to consumer support on a round-the-clock basis – the representatives of the firm can be reached on the phone, via email or fax. As to the money matters, buyers can provide money through credit cards, in particular, Visa, American Express and MasterCard, as well as through wire transfers.

Consumer Comments about the Inhousepharmacy.vu

It turned out that this pharmaceutical store was widely used for many years and some of the clients were very loyal. The firm has changed several Internet addresses during its history, and at the moment its site is not listed as a fraudulent one on scam-checking resources. The grade of its reliability is high, and I could find some feedback about this site.

In the reviews I ran into, one of the clients was wondering if the pharmacy was lawful. He was worried because he had purchased the remedies from this drugstore more than a month before, but nothing had arrived as of that moment. He also commented on the work of client care employees and said that they were attentive and responded quickly. Consumer service representatives suggested that he could have his order re-delivered or could get a monetary reimbursement instead. This tells me that financial refunds are possible on this site, and it is its positive feature. Just to remind that there is a list of pharmacies that we consider to be reliable:

Another buyer responded to this client’s comment and wrote that alternative sites of this pharmacy were authorized because they were praised by other customers. He also made a point that the delivery delay could be caused by customs, and there was a chance that the drugstore was not guilty of it.

Not all of the feedback I found was positive, and some displeased consumers stated that they had had trouble paying for medications. The client shared that the seller had asked him to pay through a wire money transfer, and it was unreasonable because he had to cover a twenty-two dollar commission.

Users’ Feedback in 2018

I was lucky to find the newest comments on this dealer posted in 2018, and they were more numerous than the ones left in earlier years. I noticed that the other online platforms of this pharmacy were closed and that must have been the reason for feedback increase.
The customers shared various opinions about the service, and they were both negative and favorable ones. I should say that it’s much better for them to read this Wikipedia article before reviewing online pharmacy.
One of the purchasers wrote that she had had no problem placing an order and her payment had gone smoothly, while other consumers complained about encountering difficulties. Another buyer confirmed that she had received her package seven days after the order had been made. That sounded like a good speed of delivery to me.
There were some consumers who were dissatisfied with the drugstore’s service and wrote that they could not get through with order placement. An upset consumer mentioned that the company would not accept her credit card and she decided not to purchase from them as she was reluctant to send in money through the wire transfer because of the substantial commission.

Coupon Codes and Discount Offers

I did not find any current discount propositions or coupon codes on the official site of the drugstore. The ones I spotted were for the alternative sites with the same name, and I believe their discounts would not be valid for this particular site I am researching. You can find valid coupons on our front page.

The site’s visitors can still enjoy a ten percent discount if they pay with electronic checks instead of credit cards. This is a pleasant perk, even though the medicine’s price is only slightly reduced.

Research Outline

Summarizing my research I can give you my ultimate opinion about this online drugstore. I have discovered that it is renowned and widely used by consumers. The seller has managed to keep some of its customers in spite of changing its address several times during its existence. I believe that changing Internet locations can confuse buyers and it is not the best decision if the distributor wants to maintain its reputation. The reason why the site does not lose its popularity is the fact that it does not require the doctor’s recipes from users, I believe.
Despite several negative reviews, some customers were happy with the ordering process and shipment, and this testifies that goods have been delivered to consumers and, consequently, the site is not a fraud. The drugstore offers a small discount to people using a certain payment method, and no other bonuses are tracked. The advantage of this site is a timely and polite reply from customer representatives.
Considering all of the above, I give this pharmacy the rating of three out of five. It has some flaws, but it seems to be genuine and it functions, thus I would like to give it a try, order from it and evaluate its performance.

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