Mapleleafmeds.com Reviews – Pay Attention When Using This Website

The online drugstore I am going to talk about today is Mapleleafmeds.com. This pharmaceutical merchant is located in Canada. If the client lives in this country, it is convenient and simple for him to order medications. The prices of this dealer are quite appealing. My calculations show that the cures this merchant offers are at least seventy percent cheaper than the ones of other dealers. The website does not have any concealed charges. This medications provider fills the doctors’ instructions from Canadian drugstores. The aim of this pharmacy is to offer cheaper medicines, that is why it works with the clients who place large orders. The drugstore collaborates with certified Canadian doctors, who verify prescriptions, including the ones coming from the USA.
According to my research, this dealer has the certification from the International Pharmacy Association of Canada. This pharmacy works closely with the drugstores from abroad and from Canada, which fill the instructions from physicians and deliver them. The delivery is advertised to be a fast one. Speaking of medications, the drugstore provides prescribed ones, as well as medicines for animals. Order refilling is also available.
I have found out that the price of general Viagra is $0,81 for one tablet. The cost of general Levitra and Cialis are $0,83 and $0,89 per tablet. Stendra, which is a labeled medication, is available for $13,5 for one tablet. The drugs, named above, are all prescribed ones. The payment methods this drugstore accepts are electronic checks, the checks from the bank and worldwide money transfers. As for credit cards, clients can pay with American Express.
Delivery is conducted within Canada, and to such countries as the USA and Puerto Rico. It takes approximately two to four weeks for the order to be shipped. The price of delivery is specified in invoices. If the goods are delivered to the United States, delivery will cost almost $10. It is executed through USPS.
The work of this online merchant is regulated by the law, which does not allow accepting returned goods. If the customers are dissatisfied with the service, for instance, if the delivery is broken, they can call a telephone number, provided on the website. Usually clients will not be able to get their money back and to send back the medicines, if they have already been delivered. The customers from the United States can contact client care using the free telephone number. There is an inquiry form available on the site, and there is a postal address to write to. I have recently found out that the call center of this firm does not currently work.
Feedback on Mapleleafmeds

I ran into three reviews on the official website of the enterprise. It is interesting that this feedback first appeared, and then went away eventually.
One of the clients was praising the guarantee of safety that the firm provided to buyers. Another client from the United States wrote that he was not financially capable of buying medications he needed in the USA. He was happy to order the drugs at this website at a good cost. The third consumer was satisfied with the safety measures of the drugstore, and claimed he was happy with the service.
This feedback shows that consumers appreciated the policy of safe purchases, introduced by the company. Receiving medications from this vendor seemed simple and rewarding. It is not my habit to suggest using the websites, which do not have any external feedback, though. It often happens that the reviews on the firm’s website are false. They can easily be written by the website’s crew. The absence of reviews on other sites makes me wonder, if this pharmacy is legitimate.
Feedback on the Pharmacy in 2016

I decided to turn to Scam Adviser to see if the website could be trusted. This resource showed me that Mapleleafmeds was named as the site which could cause damage. The rating of trustworthiness was around fifty percent. This means that the site can be hazardous. I was not able to find the location of the website’s owner. However, the pharmacy itself is located in Canada. Of course, I expected to see this data.
I could also see that there was strange activity on the website. I suppose that this dealer was considered to be a hazard because it was an unauthorized online merchant. Apparently, the website also worked with the USA, and not only with Canada. I would be cautious, if I were the user of this pharmacy. My research shows that the website contains the threat of viruses and malware. I also suggest that users check the location and address of the pharmacy owner before ordering anything from there.
Coupon Codes the Drugstore Offers

Of course, the guarantee of buying safely can attract customers, however, they need some more benefits. I can see that the prices on the resource are thirty to seventy percent lower than the ones at local drugstores. So, ordering medicines from this pharmacy makes sense. The pharmacy states that if a customer recommends their service to a friend, he will get a free delivery of future purchases. To get this benefit, you need to give them a name and an email of the person you recommend.
If you order the cures produced in Canada, you will get ninety percent off. The clients can see the sum they can save near the name of the medication. There were no coupon codes available at this pharmacy when I was checking.

Even though the drugstore has positive reviews on the official website, I am still not sure of its legitimacy. The results of Scam Advisor check were distressing. That is why I still believe there is a chance that this website is a scam. This dealer does not have feedback anywhere on the Internet, apart from its own site. I believe this is the issue the drugstore can work on. It would also be helpful if I could find data about delivery or the owner’s address.
My decision is to give this website a grade of three out of five. I still do not intend to buy medications from them before I find out the data I want to know. I would also like to see that the website is not hazardous any more. It would also be great for the firm to give some special discounts to its customers. Clients have a chance to save if they buy multiple medications, but it would still be nice to have more opportunities. I will keep searching for a trustworthy dealer, which provides good prices and quality. I recommend that you be careful when using this website, if you decide to do so.

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