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Looking for a pharmacy that beside brand drugs offers generic ones as well, you may want to consider 1-Pharm.com. Below we collected some useful information on what products at what price they offer as well as shipping options and some discounts to help you save.

Shopping overview

1-Pharm is a division of Canadian Trust Pharmacy online store. Operating since 2001, the pharmacy offers a wide range of brand and generic medications at competitively low prices.

Be aware that this brand has moved to the new domain name  Sale-Pharm.com

Product categories

Their products include medication for anxiety, depressions, erectile dysfunction, heart diseases, pain and muscle relief etc. All the drugs are of excellent quality and are claimed to be approved by FDA.

Prices and shipping

The prices of 1-Pharm are the same as on any other Trust Pharmacy website. For one, their bestselling products like Viagra you can purchase from $0.27 per pill, Cialis from $0.68 per pill and Clomid for $0.44 per pill.

The pharmacy accepts only Visa and MasterCard credit cards and provides two shipping methods – via Airmail (2-3 business weeks; price $9.95) and EMS (3-8 business days; price $19.95). The drugstore offers free Airmail delivery for orders over $200.

User reviews

All the reviews we found online are positive, however, some clients claim to have troubles ordering online. But after getting professional help by phone and having their goods arrived in time they remained satisfied with the customer service.

1-Pharm.com coupon codes

In the box below we shared with you two coupon codes. One of them gives you a 10% discount on generic Crestor without no minimum order, and the other one gives you 10% off on any order you place on 1-Pharm.com. Using these promo codes, you will be able to get some additional product without making extra. This online pharmacy has moved to the new domain Sale-Pharm.com and here you can find sale-pharm.com coupon codes.

Being one of many Trust Pharmacy websites, 1-Pharm.com is a good option for those who prefer high-quality medications at low and even lower prices if you use discount codes. In addition to all of that, they offer fast and safe shipping and helpful customer service.

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