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Another affordable online pharmacy we found is Canadian-pharmacy-1.com. Go on reading to find out more about the selection of their goods, prices and discounts, and the customers’ feedback.

Canadian-pharmacy-1.com coupon codes

Right below the post, you will find a box with a coupon code that gives you a 10% discount on all orders placed on Canadian-pharmacy-1.com. Just enter it at checkout and consider purchasing some extra meds for spare money.

Shopping overview

When it comes to brilliant customer service at a reasonable price you may want to consider Canadian-pharmacy-1.com. This online pharmacy supplies only quality meds of both brand-name and generic types.

Product categories

Among their wide assortment, you can find medications for erectile dysfunction, blood pressure, heart diseases, skin care, diabetes, anxiety, depressions and plenty of other meds. They also have a large number of antibiotics and painkillers. All the items are sold without a prescription.

Prices and shipping

The pharmacy claims that their prices are 70% less than in local pharmacies. We checked some of their prices and they’re indeed very low. For example, Tapadox costs here from $1.22 per pill, Sildalis from $1.15 per pill, Propecia from $0.56 per pill. In addition to that, they offer free Viagra pills for every order.

Canadian-pharmacy-1.com covers shipping costs for orders over $200. In other cases, you can either choose a regular mail option and wait for up to 3 weeks for your package to arrive or opt for an expedite EMS delivery that takes up to 8 business days.

User reviews

We managed to find some reviews on the company as well. It turned out that they have an excellent service praised by their customers. Many of the buyers also thanked for allowing them to save a great deal on their meds. However, some of the clients mentioned that they had to wait for their packages longer than expected but they finally arrived.

Canadian-pharmacy-1.com has become popular among those who value their health but aren’t ready to spend a fortune on meds. Clients come to Canadian-pharmacy-1.com when they seek quality medications, budget prices, and good service.

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