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Shopping Overview

Mygenericshop.net is one of many online health store specializing in selling generic health products. According to the store, their primary mission is to make a customer’s life easier by providing affordable and good medications that aren’t displayed at local chemists.

Product Categories

The product selection offered by Mygenericshop.net is diverse: they sell anti-alcohol products, anti-convulsants, antibiotics, antivirals, painkillers, antidepressants, antiallergics, birth control pills, diuretics, antifungals and plenty of other remedies for any health issue.

Prices and Shipping

Mygenericshop.net offers products at very low prices, much lower than in local pharmacies. This is because they sell generics, which are designed to be more affordable than their branded analogues. Here you can buy Zoloft from $0.19 per pill, Diflucan from $0.49 per pill, Cipro from $0.16 per pill, Flagyl from $0.41 per pill and so on.

The store offers untraceable delivery for $10 and traceable one for $30. The approximate time of delivery is 5-17 days.

User Reviews

We searched for reviews on Mygenericshop.net around the web and found out that customers are talking very positively about the store. Some of they had to wait for their packager longer, though the store warns about possible delays. All in all, everyone seemed to be happy with the products they received and affordable prices.

Mygenericshop.net is a reliable store, which is proved by dozens of positive reviews about their good service and quality products. They not only offer products at cut rates but also accept promo codes, so that everyone can save more money.

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