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We came across another online store that offers both brand and generic medicines. It is openrxshop.com. Below we are sharing with you some information that may be helpful for you to select among a bunch of online stores offering meds: products and prices, payment and shipping methods they provide, and discounts for the most budget purchase.

OpenRXshop coupon codes

If you would like to get the best deal possible, use the coupon code below to get a 10% discount on any order placed on OpenRXshop. If your order is worth $200, you can use the saved $20 to buy 20 one-dollar pills or 40 fifty-cent-ones.

Shopping overview

OpenRXshop emphasizes that they are not a ‘pharmacy’ but rather a mediator between the licensed pharmacies and customers. They provide brand and generic medicine from the leading pharmaceutical companies and bulk suppliers.

Product categories

On OpenRXshop you will find medicine for any medical condition including meds for man and woman’s health, mental and sexual health, as well as ones to treat allergies, cancer symptoms, depressions, insomnia, etc.

Prices and shipping

The prices here are now the lowest in the market, though still affordable if compared to offline pharmaceutical stores. For one, you can purchase here Viagra from $1 per pill, Tramadol from $1.11 per pill, Xanax from $2.03 per pill.

Though OpenRXshop cannot claim to have the lowest prices, they are committed to protecting their customers’ privacy and to making their purchase as convenient and secure as possible. Virtually all the items offered are shipped worldwide for free, meaning that you can use the money saved on shipping to buy extra products. Delivery time depends on your location.

User reviews

Although the store is relatively new and a number of reviews are limited, we managed to find some testimonials on the web. According to them, customers are satisfied with the quality and price of the goods and mention that they received their orders on time.

OpenRXshop bills itself as an intermediary between the licensed pharmacies and their clients. They offer a wide variety of brand and generic products and provide their customers with free delivery regardless of your location. Although their price tags are not the lowest in this segment, they often offer generous discounts on a number of items.

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