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When it comes to cheap medications, Pharm-247.com can be of help to you. Let us give you some basic information about what kinds of drugs they offer, price policy and discounts, shipping methods, customers’ reviews.

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Shopping overview

Pharm-247.com is another online pharmaceutical store that offers a broad range of both brand-name and generic types of medication. They supply meds to customers worldwide and has proved to be one of the leading online distributors in the pharmaceutical field.

Product categories

They offer a long list of items, including drugs for hair loss, smoke cessation, bad sleep, arthritis, blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, cancer symptoms, diabetes etc. The company also has huge stocks of antibiotics, herbal supplements, and birth control pills among others.

Prices and shipping

According to Pharm-247.com, their items are 70% cheaper than in offline pharmacies. We checked their prices and they are indeed among the lowest online. Let’s take a look on some medications to compare. Clomid is offered here from $0.49 for a pill, Nolvadex from $0.57 for a pill, Amoxil from $0.44 for a pill, Lasix from $0.28 for a pill.

As for the shipping policy, they have two options: airmail with a waiting period for up to 3 weeks and courier delivery that takes from 3 to 8 business days. For orders over $200, the company provides free airmail delivery.

User reviews

We managed to find reviews from those who had purchased meds from Pharm-247.com. According to the customers, there were no problems with delivery and all of them received their packages right in time. The reviewers mentioned that they were happy to have had business with Pharm-247.com as they got excellent products at very affordable prices.

Pharm-247.com will surprise you with their discount rates on in-demand generic medications. They work worldwide and have a very positive reputation among those who prefer online pharmacies with quality products and low prices over expensive offline drugstores.

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