Here you will not only get some general info about Rxcanadapharm.com, but also learn about their best offers and bonuses, and get a Rxcanadapharm.com coupon code for a 10% discount.

Rxcanadapharm.com Promo Codes

In addition to extremely low prices on all their medications, Rxcanadapharm.com offers generous bonuses to all customers as well. Those bonuses are free shipping of almost all products, extra pills free of charge and discounts on bulk purchases.

Available Bonuses

Rxcanadapharm.com provides free shipping for 99% of their products via regular mail. Those few products that can’t be shipped for free aren’t marked with the Free Shipping tag. Besides, depending on how many pills of a particular kind you purchase, the store gives you extra pills of the same kind for free. For example, for 160 pills of Xanax you receive 20 extra ones for free. On the top of that, Rxcanadapharm.com encourages customers to buy more pills at a time by reducing the cost per pill for larger packages. For one, one pill of generic Levitra will cost you $9.50 if you buy 10 pills, and only $ 1.60 when you buy 340 pills. Thus you save as much $2,845.00 when buying generic Levitra in bulk.

Our Promo Codes

Rxcanadapharm.com allows customers to use promo codes to reduce their spendings on medication. And we are happy to share with you a promo code for a 10% discount on any purchase from Rxcanadapharm.com. This means that you can save big money even on small orders. For instance, with our code, you will be able to save $18.50 on a pack of 80 generic Levitra pills, let alone 10 free pills you get as a gift.

Shop Info

Rxcanadapharm.com is a website that allows customers access to a wide selection of medications offered by licensed drugstores. After you place an order, Rxcanadapharm.com forwards it to the relevant drugstore and makes sure that the medicines you ordered will be shipped to you. The products presented on the website include both brand and generic drugs of high quality and FDA-approved.


If the goods you buy are qualify for free shipping, they will be shipped to you via Airmail for free. This option takes up to 22 business days. In case free shipping is not provided for your order, or you’d like to receive it sooner, then it can be shipped via EMS, which costs $25 and takes 7-15 business days.

Payment Options

The only payment option Rxcanadapharm.com provides is payment with Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

Rxcanadapharm.com presents numerous generic and brand-name drugs supplied by licensed pharmaceutical stores, which handle your order after it was received by Rxcanadapharm.com. They make sure that all the items offered are of high quality and can be shipped to you immediately. Also, they have a number of bonuses to offer, such as discounts on bulk purchases, extra pills for free, free shipping and promo codes.

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