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Coupons are a tried and tested way to save on medication. There are different types of them you should be aware of to be able to get the best deal possible. This article explains the difference between the main types of coupons so that you could choose the one that works best for you.

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We gather all these coupon codes to make health care affordable for everyone. Even PubMed states that drugs are too expensive.

What is a pharmacy coupon?

So, what is a pharmacy coupon and how it works? Pharmacy promo code is a coupon for a discount offered by a pharmacy for use in this particular pharmacy. It means, that you can’t use this coupon to get a discount in other pharmacies. Pharmacies can offer coupons that give a discount on all their products or particular groups of medicine like vitamins, drugs for allergies, painkillers, etc.

Pharmacy coupons work quite similar to coupons offered by other retailers such as Kohl’s. It offers coupons allowing its consumers to save money on the products displayed at the stores of this chain meaning that you won’t be able to use Kohl’s coupon to get a discount at Walmart, for example. The same applies to pharmacy promo codes.

So where can you get them? There are thousands of websites offering coupons for almost every pharmacy, so you can easily search for a pharmacy you are interested in whether it’s an online or local one and see what coupons it currently offers. Another way to get a coupon is directly from a pharmacy. Many pharmacies send coupons in newsletters or post on their website, and of course, you can always ask the pharmacist at your local drugstore.

What is a drug coupon?

Unlike a pharmacy coupon, a drug coupon is offered by drug companies to allow consumers to save money on a particular kind of medication. They can be distributed through advertisements, physicians, and can be found online. Remember that drug coupons are free and it’s illegal to buy or sell them. Keep away from the companies or individuals that offer you to buy a drug coupon from them.

Usually, drug coupons are printed by consumers or can be found in a newspaper as an ad insert. To get a discount, a consumer shows a coupon to the pharmacist in their local pharmacy. Here is an example:

Drug coupon example

Drug companies commonly use drug coupons to promote their new products or stimulate demand of their current ones. Therefore, they are offered for a limited range of medications and it might be challenging to find a drug coupon for your medication. Most commonly they offer a discount on competitive product categories such as dermatology or ophthalmic products. Lifestyle drugs used to treat non-life-threatening conditions like acne, baldness, erectile dysfunction typically don’t have coupons since they aren’t covered by insurance in most cases.

What is the difference between internet drugstore coupons and printed drugstore coupons?

While drug coupons are mostly paper, pharmacy ones can be both paper and internet. Printed pharmacy coupon codes are mostly used in traditional pharmacies where you have to show a coupon to the pharmacist in order to get a discount. Such coupons can be either printed or sent to your smartphone and are great for those who prefer conventional pharmacies to online ones. Printed coupons can be found on specialized websites such as goodrx.com. Its coupons are accepted at virtually every pharmacy in the US. Anyone who has insurance, Medicare or no insurance coverage at all is eligible to use printed promo codes. Here is an example of a printed offline coupon code:

Internet pharmacy coupons are basically just a code that gives you a discount. However, internet coupons can be used only at online pharmacies. It’s more convenient for those who prefer to buy medications online rather than go to a local pharmacy. Besides, you don’t have to print anything, just enter a code at the checkout to apply the discount. You can search for internet coupons online, there are a lot of websites that offer them for free, like ours. Here you can easily find the online pharmacy you are interested in and see what coupons we have for this particular pharmacy.

What type of coupons does our website have?

Our website is specialized in internet pharmacy coupons. It means that the coupons you find here have been provided by a pharmacy itself and are intended for online use only. All the pharmacies you see on our website are online, so you don’t have to leave your home to purchase the necessary medications. Just choose what drugs you want to buy, enter your details, don’t forget about a coupon, and your drugs will be delivered to you in no time.

On our website, we have gathered the best and most reliable online pharmacies that offer a wide range of brand and generic medications at affordable prices, and currently available coupons for each of them. Just choose the pharmacy you are interested in from the list, and see what coupons are active at the moment and what discount they will give you. This way, you can purchase your medications the most convenient and easy way possible and get some extra percentage off your order.

How to use coupon codes from our website?

First of all, you should choose a pharmacy from the list of online pharmacies on our website. It includes the top and most trustworthy online drugstores that offer a plethora of generic and brand-name medications, easy and convenient way to place your order, secure payment, and fast and guaranteed delivery. All of them have thousands of happy customers which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews.

So, once you chose the pharmacy, click on it and you will see coupons currently offered by the pharmacy. We post only tried and tested coupons, so you can be sure that you will get the discount. Once you chose a coupon, simply click on it to copy. Then come back to the pharmacy website and get into shopping. Once you have everything in your cart that you planned on purchasing, paste the code into the corresponding field and hit the apply button. Done! Your discount is applied and you can see how much money you managed to save on your order. Proceed to complete the order and get it delivered.

To sum up

While there are so many types of coupons, all of them serve one goal: to make medications more affordable because insurance isn’t as helpful as it was. Choose the type of coupons according to needs and preferences. If you prefer local pharmacies there is a point of using drug or printed pharmacy coupons but if you want medications to be delivered at your doorstep you should opt for internet pharmacy coupons that have lately been gaining popularity.

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