Piracetam Guide and Where to buy online

Basic Information About Drug

Being one of the most affordable and safest nootropics (or smart drugs), Piracetam capsules are widely spread around different spheres. The tablets are used for brain disorders treatment, and promote faster recovery. One-three doses of 400 mg, 800 mg, 1000 mg, or 1200 mg a day can make dramatic difference in cognitive abilities of a person. Why else millions of people buy it online?


What is Piracetam?

Piracetam is a nootropic remedy, which means it stimulates cognitive processes, promotes faster and efficient learning, and improves memorizing. To be more precise, it boosts brain work and makes it more resisting to load.

The medication is used for treatment of various diseases:

  1. Prescribed for people suffering from brain blood vessel diseases (for instance, atherosclerosis) accompanied by cerebrovascular insufficiency. It manifests into poor memory, speech and attention disorder, decreased intellectual abilities, neuromotor degeneration and other symptoms.
  2. Mental medicine. The capsules are recommended for patients with depression with the signs of adynamy, senestopathic hypochondria, and indeational retardation. Piracetam is preferable, if usual antidepressant drugs don’t help or rejected by body.
  3. Addiction medicine. The remedy is used for treatment of abstinent and delirious state of people addicted to alcohol or drugs, or if severe alcohol or drug intoxication takes place. Piracetam is applied to treat chronic alcoholism resulting into psychological disorders (cognitive and intellectual disorders, muscular tremor, hallucinations, etc.).

Where to Buy Online?

On the territory of USA and Australia, Piracetam is sold without license or prescription. The product can be purchased online at any online medicine store, or bought in a pharmacy. But it does not have legal status in some countries. For instance, sale in the UK is allowed by prescription, and trading in Canada is prohibited.

If user’s country laws prohibit Piracetam trading, it can be ordered online – its possession is legal around the world.

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Cost of Piracetam

Depending on the form (powder, capsules, etc.) and dosage, Piracetam products may cost from $15 to $70. Typically, 800 mg tablets are most widespread, and their price is about $5-$40 (packages from 20 to 180 capsules are available). Buying the remedy online is far cheaper, and a purchaser doesn’t have to worry about prescription issues.

Working of Piracetam

The tablets produce several positive effects:

  • Protect against neurological degradation and delays other age-related pathologies (specially concerns the elderly);
  • Help to solve the problem of breath-holding spell typical of small children;
  • Prevent blood clotting;
  • Boost cognitive abilities (information procession, memorizing, calculating, learning);
  • Reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases;
  • Help to treat the state of depression and anxiety;
  • Slow down neuronal loss connected with alcohol addiction.

The basic principle of working is still not defined. Some studies claim that Piracetam improves glutamate neurotransmission, while other researchers claim it increases membrane fluidity that results into quicker transmission of signaling molecules. Rapid cell signaling means cognitive abilities improvement.

Proper dosage and intake recommendation

The standard Piracetam dosage for adults is 1200 mg-4800 mg a day, children – 400 mg1000 mg a day (depends on age and weight, about 40-50 mg/kg is recommended). Typically, it is prescribed to take 800 mg capsules one-three times a day. 1600 mg is the largest effective dose.

Piracetam is one of the safest chemical nootropics. Being water-soluble, it can be taken without food. If overdose is slight, people do not suffer from side effects. A recommended dose should not be exceeded.

The remedy is not intended to be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women, typically not allowed for children under 3. Other people can take it safely.

The effects caused by long-term usage of Piracetam are not defined to the end, it should not be taken for a long time (more than 3-6 months). Some people may enjoy cognitive and psychological benefits it brings about, not realizing that other body systems are affected. Nootropics should be used responsibly.

Side Effects

This is a safe nootropic, which is why the vast majority of people trying it do not face any side effects. Over dosage causes allergic reactions sometimes. Some people taking it reported about mild headaches, sleep disorders and problems with digestion.

If taken long-term, it may cause general excitability, which manifests into nervousness, agitation, tremor, anxiety, irritability and insomnia.

Concerning product toxicity, it is low, which is proved by clinical studies with animals and people.

Pros and Cons of the Usage

Judging by users’ reviews, Piracetam is one of the best remedies of its kind due to the following:

  1. It is sold without prescription in some states.
  2. Piracetam is a remedy with wide spectrum that can be used to treat tens of different diseases.
  3. The medication can be taken by people of practically any age.
  4. The tablets cause practically no side effects.
  5. Piracetam boosts cognitive abilities, this food supplement is aimed at brain work stimulation.
  6. The price of Piracetam is relatively low.
  7. Intake is not bound to meal time.
  8. The product is safe for people with different medical conditions (diabetes and others).

Drawbacks exist still:

  1. More studies are required to prove its effectiveness: some researchers claim that Piracetam makes no dramatic difference.
  2. Capsules are not intended to be used long-term.
  3. Piracetam trade not legal everywhere, which is why sometimes people have to order it online.

The main disadvantage of this product is the fact that its positive impact has not been studied entirely. Users are not guaranteed to see dramatic change.


Judging by users’ reviews, Piracetam capsules help people suffering from minor memory and cognition disorders. People treating psychological problems with the tablets also claim to experience positive effects. The nootropic remedy can be used for the treatment of more serious diseases to boost recovery or reduce symptoms, but it will not necessarily work.

If your aims are boosting of mental abilities, improvement of memory and concentration, and getting rid of anxiety and depression, consider trying buying the supplement online – it is an effective and affordable decision. But even if prescription is not obligatory, stick to the dosage (400 mg, 800 mg, 1000 mg, or 1200 mg) and note that doctor’s recommendations can appear to be helpful for treating this or that medical condition.

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